1. www.amarillowebhosting.com will pay all commissions after at least 90 days beyond receipt of an initial payment and upon the condition that a money back guarantee has not been requested and or chargeback has not be issued.

2. Payment will be made using the following methods.

A. Paypal

B. Western Union (this is subject to a $15.00 Charge plus transaction fee)

3. www.amarillowebhosting.com makes the final decision on all payments with regard to monies owed via this opportunity.

4. www.amarillowebhosting.com may at any time update these terms and conditions as they see fit.

5. www.amarillowebhosting.com reserves the right to end this agreement at anytime by giving 7 days notice or suspend it for up to 40 days without warning due to technical or staffing difficulties.

6. There is no minimum payout limit, (except where payment does not cover the cost of the transaction), although we reserve the right to make minimum payment limit as and when required.